The history of the (Kite Foundation) is tightly linked to the history of a book, "The Little Prince". Having had the first edition of this Universal title completely destroyed during the bombings of Kabul in their civil war, a second edition saw the light in Afghanistan thanks to the generosity of a group of Spaniards, friends of a book collector, THIS BOOK’S COLLECTORS ALL OVER THE WORLD and the Afghani man who had first translated the book into Dari, one of the two official languages of that country. The book was delivered for free to schools, libraries and universities as well as among women and children. The delivery was medaited in the provinces of Badghis and Herat by the Spanish army.

When the book collector visited the country, she solidified the idea to keep doing something for the women and children. Nothing better than to foment education, the lever that moves the world, by building schools. | Sagasta, 16 - 2º Izda, 28004 Madrid