Had we asked any Spaniard to point the location of Afghanistan in a World map, before September of 2001, it would most likely have been an arduous task.

Sadly, the brutal terrorist attacks against New York and Washington on September 11th made the rest of the world recognize the reality of a Middle Eastern country that has basically lived the last thirty years at war. Whether it was the Soviets, the Mujahidin or the Taliban, the truth is that generations of Afghani children have only known the sounds of bombs, shootings, abuses and the theft of their childhood.

From the we want to help the best way we know: developing education projects that may improve the prospect of future generations in the poorest countries.

To achieve these objectives we set in motion different projects. This is possibly the most ambitious project and the one we have invested most willpower on. To attain a free Afghanistan is a titanic task, but we must give hope a chance. The purpose of this project is, in a country where 75% of the population is less than 25 years old, and a huge part of it is illiterate or unemployed, to build schools in Kabul to offer Afghani boys and girls the education required to get accepted into a University or a Professional Training program, so that tomorrow they may create a society that has finally learned, by means of culture and respect for human rights, that Humanity’s most important weapon is the pen, not the sword. Most likely this will be no more than a grain of sand in a vast desert, but isn't it true that what makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well? | Sagasta, 16 - 2º Izda, 28004 Madrid