• In 2001 and with a population of twenty nine million people, less than one million children attended a total of 3,400 schools, taught by a total of 20,700 teachers, all of them (students and teachers) males.
  • There was no curriculum, nor text books.
  • There were only four schools that trained teachers, each one located in a different province with a total of 400 students and 50 teachers, all of them men.
  • There were 38 centers for Professional Training (job training) with 1,500 students and 550 instructors.
  • Only 7,900 students attended the only 15 working High Schools.

Thus, the figures have changed considerably:

  • Today seven million children attend 12,000 schools (in three turns), 2.5 million (37%) are girls
  • The number of teachers has reached 170,000, 30% of whom are women.
  • There is a curriculum and text books have been published and distributed for primary school. The publishing of books for secondary school was completed in 2010.
  • The number of schools to train teachers has increased from 4 to 42, with entry access for both men and women, where 42,000 students are being trained, 38% of whom are women.
  • More than 90,000 students have finished High School
  • Of the 673 schools that were closed during the Taliban years, 220 have re- opened their doors since 2009, providing education to 200,000 children.
  • Administrative reforms have taken place in order to pay the salaries of all teachers and professors
  • 63,000 students are part of 24 new High Schools

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