This project was financed by Travel Club, city Of Segovia, la Caixa, College San Pablo Ceu, Ing direct And through private donations, partners of Fundación Cometa.

The main objective of this project has been the the building of a school in Kabul with Spanish as its second language, in order to provide a balanced education to the students allowing them to:

  • Guarantee a comprehensive formation, free of any extremist or fanatic bias, within the Department of Education's current curriculum, in Afghanistan.
  • Provide a balanced education to the Afghani children that may allow them to rebuild their country and choose an alternative future to war, providing a future out of an education.
  • Build the foundation so that new generations may provide the talent and necessary values to abandon their extreme poverty
  • Transmit egalitarian values and of respect to human rights for men and women to get closer to what one day will be a balanced, secure and peaceful society.
  • Prepare Afghani women to be main characters in this change, presenting productive alternatives to destruction.
  • Contribute to vocational training and or University entry to achieve economic autonomy.
  • Strengthen Afghani women to promote egalitarian values and respect for human rights to their sons and daughters.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with other prestigious schools such as the Amani High School (German), or the American International School of Kabul (USA) or the Esteqlal and Malai Schools (France).
  • Collaborate with any initiative whose objective is to improve education in Afghanistan. | Sagasta, 16 - 2º Izda, 28004 Madrid